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Here we go again…

So, me and the talented Reddit West Pyro Jasbutts decided to put aside practice in order to make this super ultra mega collab for today’s Tumblr vs Reddit TF2 Highlander West Coast REMATCH! 

Come by eXtv’s Twitch Channel @ 3 PST later on and watch us settle some scores, play video games, and talk about what our favourite scene was from The Lego Movie.

As we’re about to close off this season, thank you to everybody who has supported the first season of the Tumblr vs Reddit community showmatch, whether you were rooting for Reddit or Tumblr or didn’t even give two fucks and were just in it to see your friends kick ass. Thank you to Queenie for organizing it and thank you to all the casters for fitting time into your schedule to cast the matches, even if they were post-cast. 

Like the super cool artist who did the super cool character portraits. Here’s her Tumblr! Give Jas a shoutout and if you’ve got dosh, why not ask her for a super cool commission? 

Also props to Chaofanatic for the speedlines!

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